Penis size – does it matter?

Can you guess how many women state that they do care about the size of the penis? As much as 87%! The proof for that number can be found in scientific papers and polls that were conducted to examine the topic. A lot of those women, though, do not want to talk about the issue willingly and frankly. That is why you might hear a lot that the size of the penis does not matter. In practice a short glance at social networks, message boards and forums shows the contrasting truth that confirms the significance of the penis size:

„I am a girl who knows what she wants when it comes to sexual pleasures and I am dating a guy who can fulfill all my desires. He has a penis of just the right size but if it was even a little bit smaller… I’ll be frank, we would not get along for such a long time in that case. The issue is that I like many different positions. And if my man would have a shorter dick, our sex would become boring and not as sensual as it is now.”


„SERIOUSLY!!! Guys! You’ve got to have a penis that can fully stimulate a woman and with a too short dick you will have to work hard to do that. I had a boyfriend once who had that problem. He tried, he wanted to do well, but you know – he just couldn’t give me enough pleasure. We did not stop dating because of that but maybe if he had a bigger penis I would remember our intimate moments together in a more favorable way.”


Having a small penis can be the cause of frustration and a serious mental stress during intimate situations. In extreme cases it might even lead to depression. Fortunately, there is a solution to the problem. You can enlarge penis in an easy way!

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XtraSize penis enlargement pill is completely safe. The drug is composed of natural ingredients that were in use in medicine for years. It is a unique mixture that was created according to an Amircan formula which has been confirmed to be efficient in numerous tests and research. The evidence for that can also be found in opinions of thousands of men satisfied with the results. A lot of them claim that XtraSize has significantly influenced their sexual lives. XtraSize dick enlargement pills are also praised by doctors and nutritionists.

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  • I’ve stumbled on XtraSize ad and I read a little bit further about it. Initially I was hesitant but then I thought – why not? So I did not expect a lot. However, I was simply stunned when I noticed the results! They were exactly what they were supposed to be. And the effects are lasting! I’ve stopped the treatment some time and my penis is larger and harder! These dick enlargement pills are simply amazing.
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Order XtraSize to change your life!

It is a natural product – thanks to the natural ingredients you will enlarge penis even up to 7,5 cm.

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Questions and answers

This is the place where you will find the answers for the most frequent questions asked about XtraSize.
We invite you to read them if you have got any uncertainties and doubts about the product.
If after reading you will still have any inquiries or issues that you would like to clarify, you can use this website to send us your question.
1XtraSize - what exactly is it?
XtraSize is a penis enlargement pill that increases sexual drive and efficiency. It results in enlargement of penis size by up to 30%. It is a natural dietary supplement is recommended by numerous doctors for regular application.
2What are the effects of using XtraSize?
The effects of using XtraSize are twofold. The product enhances pleasure and stimulation during intercourses. It also gives you longer-lasting and stronger erections. As a result of regular application your sexual drive will also increase.
3How XtraSize should be used?
A treatment should last for at least 90 days. During that period take one pill a day during breakfasts, drinking water with it. You can also take one pill about 30 minutes before the intercourse to get a stronger erection. One package of pills consists of 60 capsules. That should be enough for about 2 months of regular use.
4Does XtraSize have any side effects?
It does not. All ingredients in XtraSize are natural. The product is a mixture of them and it is available without a prescription.
5Can I expect long-lasting effect with XtraSize?
Certainly! After finishing your XtraSize treatment you should not experience reduction in penis size or its hardness. Nevertheless it is advisable to repeat the treatment after some time to enhance the results.
6How long should I use XtraSize in order to achieve the best effects?
It is recommended to use XtraSize systematically at least for 6-8 months. The best results should be achieved after 3-4 packages. Optimal results will come but XtraSize must be used regularly.
7Why my card payment was declined?
There could be a couple of reasons. You must remember that the address given in the order should be the same as the one on the bank account. If that is not the issue and the payment still cannot be made, we advise you to contact your bank. Some of the banks block payments through internet because of security reasons. They can allow authorization of such payments only after contacting with a consultant and individual verification of the order might be required.
8How long I should wait for a delivery?
Orders made before 10 A.M. are executed on the same day. However, there can occur a rare occasion that it might take longer but the delay will never exceed 48 hours from the moment of receiving the order..

The order should be delivered within 1-2 working days If you chose Priority Mail. However, if you have ordered the product from countries other than Australia, time of delivery may wary depending on the location. Deliveries in Australia should reach you within 10 working days. Sending the product to other continents might take up to 3-4 weeks to reach its recipient.
9Is it possible to drink alcohol during the treatment?
You do not have to worry about the issue, although we advise restraint. XtraSize does not interfere with using alcohol. However, too much alcohol might result in weaker results and that is why moderation would be wise.